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Tangible changes in my friends behavior!
Thanks so much to seeing my friend last minute. She loved the session and loved you! She thought you were awesome. She is going to be scheduling another session with you next month. I noticed for the first time in 20 years, that we’ve known each other, she was present during a conversation able to LISTEN, process what someone else was saying and respond accordingly. For the first time she actually connected during a conversation—I did not feel stressed out and scattered all over–begging to get off the phone, as I usually feel when speaking to her. I think that was the longest most coherent conversation we have ever had. Amazing!! Only one session.

– J.A. Real Estate Agent, Brooklyn



“The kinesiological session I had with Erin Davis quickly revealed that her infinite patience and understanding of the process was at its core, profoundly compassionate, and extremely competent. I was on a tour of my mind and body with a terrific guide. The journey, to understand in all of its complex nature, the character of my particular form of stress went deeply and over a couple of hours was very revealing. I was impressed with Erin’s knowledge, and her undaunted sense of hope. No problem was too big and as big as mine felt to me I was continually impressed with her stamina and commitment to working it through as thoroughly as was needed. Once we understood the character of my problem, it was then a matter of understanding how my physiology stored the enormous amount of stress I was experiencing around my work. As Erin went through the very systematic process of discovery and releases, I was gradually able to experience a lifting of the weight of stress I was carrying. The headache I had walked in with diminished and my overall sense of weakness started to dissipate.

I could easily see returning to Erin to work on other issues. I knew that the mind and the body are intrinsically connected but through the Kinesiological testing it was unequivocally evident that kinesiology goes directly to the source of the issue. The body is truthful and revealing when responding to pointed questions. One feels ones own being from a whole new perspective. Since my visit with Erin I continue to go at an enormously fast pace yet I am able to maintain a positive attitude towards my work load and have a real sense of accomplishment. The goal that we set for me to complete the bulk of my scheduling for next year still feels accomplishable. I keep plugging away at it all and do not feel unduly stressed. In fact, I have even been able to tackle some very difficult aspects of my business that in the past I would have immediately felt defeated by. In general I feel much more lively, capable and hopeful.”

– A.M. Vermont

June, 2004

Results of Kinesiology Sessions

I went to Ken because I wanted to work on my asthma and allergies. I was familiar with what he would say from an allopathic (western medicine) point of view based of his nursing work. However, I was interested to see how the kinesiology would influence his recommendations to heal my asthma and allergies.

Ken started the meeting asking basic medical questions, what I wanted to focus on. Then we began the kinesiology session by simply asking my body through muscle testing (holding my arm out straight in front of me while Ken pressed down on it to see if the muscle was strong or weak with each questions) if the work I was requesting (asthma and allergies) was the most important work for me at this time. My body answered "no" and we began to query through muscle testing to find the issue that was most important for me to address at that time. Through a series of questions and answers we arrived at what I found to be a surprising but true conclusion.

Each of the questions were asked out loud and the strength of the muscle test gave the answer that both Ken and I acknowledged. In this way I was able to follow and concur with the path of questioning and remain an active participant in my healing process. The technique that Ken uses is very comprehensive and includes a number of other sub-techniques. When I had a question about the technique or the information that it is based on, he would stop and thoroughly and patiently answer my question. He would also stop at times to point out connections and lines of reasoning which explained our path of travel and further illuminated the issue at hand.

Although the issue that I needed to address was surprising, it proved to be the most relevant to my current life situation. What is most amazing is that my body was aware of and wanted to communicate and heal from an issue that I had never verbalized but recognized as true at a subconscious level. I was astounded that thoughts and feelings which I never communicated to anyone were suddenly being discussed. As we began to talk through the issue I saw how it played a leading role in all of my life choices and experiences. As we continued the process I saw the way in which the issue was draining my energy and decreasing my ability to enjoy my life.

Once the issue was discovered and discussed we created a goal for the balancing in the form of an affirmation. Then using the same muscle testing technique we began to find my blocks to the issue and any sabotage programs I had in place that were preventing me from dealing with the issue. In my case I had fears of success, lack of trust in myself, in addition to a number of issue specific beliefs. Ken used Reiki to clear these blocks. In my case this meant sitting on the table, with Ken holding the front and back of my head. I concentrated on visualizing the issue then seeing it dissolve. Through the Reiki Ken channeled powerful, positive, loving, healing energy into my system to assist me. In this way he helped to shine a light on the issue, and find and deal with what I was holding onto. He also talked me through the process offering advice and guidance as I focused my concentration and visualization on the experiences that had created the block and then letting them go.

Once the sabotage programs were cleared we started the balance itself. This began with Ken recording my energy level and completing a number of muscle tests (holding arms and legs in certain positions to test the strength of a particular muscle) to determine which systems were effected by my issue. Once this diagnosis was completed, we began the balance.

In my case we discovered that my right leg was surrogating or compensating for my left shoulder (which has been causing me problems for years, but I had not mentioned to Ken). We completed the testing to find the issue that was causing it, then we used Reiki to heal it. My shoulder immediately relaxed and has been feeling better ever since. We also found that my adrenal glands were over functioning causing a continual feeling of stress. Using muscle testing we found the traumatic experience that caused it, and used Reiki to let go of the experience and the beliefs that it created for me. I immediately became more relaxed as my adrenal glands slowed to a normal rate of functioning and this relaxation has continued.

In addition we found and healed a spiritual schism. Using muscle testing we discovered a traumatic incident from my childhood which resulted in part of my spirit going into hiding. Again, using Reiki we shone a light on the issue and showed the hidden part of my spirit that it no longer needed to hide. This caused a very profound healing for me that I know will last for the rest of my life.

At the beginning and end of each visit Ken checked in to see if I had any questions or concerns and to find out how the process was going for me. Ken was very professional and made me feel safe and comfortable to discuss and deal with any type of issue or experience. He was very safety conscious, especially when dealing with traumatic experiences, and would only proceed forward if I felt comfortable and if my body determined it was safe to do so.

I have extensive experience with a wide variety of healing modalities such as Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, Chiropractic, Feldenkrais, Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques, Yoga, Chakra alignment, psychological counseling, a variety of diets and herbs, and many other modalities. I have worked with healers from Cincinnati, Santa Fe and San Francisco. I feel that the work I completed with Ken has created a more profound shift (and in a shorter period of time) than any of my previous work.

I have been told to stay away from Reiki practitioners because without proper training and practice, they will often enhance both the negative and positive aspects of the issues being addressed. However, I found that Ken is truly a master of this technique. He expertly channeled positive, loving energy into my body as a source for healing. Without this additional energy I am not certain that the speed or depth of the work we accomplished would have been possible.

The final result of this work has been profound. I am experiencing a constant flow of subtle yet powerful energy. This is amazing to me because since childhood I have complained about being tired, to the point that at the age of 14 my mother took me to a psychiatrist to determine if I was depressed- which he denied. I am also relaxed and willing to deal with life in a way that I only dreamed was possible. To this point my personality has always been driven and in control, now I still have ambition but the stress behind it is absent. The most noticeable change from this work is that I am finding myself singing and humming for the first time in my life. In addition, my asthma and allergies (which was the reason I contacted Ken) have been greatly reduced, and my creativity is flowing like never before. I look forward to each new day and am confident that I have the power and energy to deal with whatever comes my way.

AF, Binghamton NY

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