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Improving Academic & Artistic Performance



Singing Improved
Thanks again for the amazing Kinesiology session last week. Even my guitar teacher noticed a change in my voice. More open, more comfortable.


– C.A. Long Island, 2010

Artistic performance
I am a Grammy award winning recording artist and song writer who has traveled the world and sold over 1 million albums. My life is full of moments where I don’t know how, where, or what to do. I knew I needed a life coach but I would have never guessed she’d come in the form of a darling woman, in a sweet boutique office, equipped a few books, a little pen and pad, a soft table to lay on and the power of touch.

I refer to Erin, when speaking to friends, as “my kinesiologist.” I’m usually not so territorial but the part she has played in my success is so personal to me that I feel like she is my very own.

She has found a miraculous way of healing my most private areas, exposing me to myself with out prying, and wiping my tears from years of inner clutter, and then erasing the scars, fears and shame.

I am a more courageous and happier person. I’ve never been as vocal as I am today. I’m clearer, and more focused.

These are not enough words to describe my appreciation. If I could fast forward into the next year and show you the success my life will be, perhaps you would see why I’m so grateful.

Give Erin a moment of your time and you will write the story of your life, just like she and I have re-written mine, layer by layer.

I truly believe she is one of the reasons I’ve been successful and I believe she is a rare breed of a healer, a word we don’t hear enough in America. I believe in Erin, one does exist.


– C.M. Singer, New York, 2011

​​​​Candida, Performance Athlete

As a performer with the STOMP company,  living and working on the road. Ken Campbell and the institute of Two Rivers Health continues to amaze me.

An accidental, or rather cosmically placed phone call two years ago began an amazing journey into dealing and understand the mind and body connection between me and the severe candida that escalated once I began living on the Road.

My first meeting in 2005 ensued in a session to balance the body via muscle testing, eye-rotations and basic and advanced ways of testing and improving my bodies boundaries in regards to food, emotions in the context of everyday life. Since then, my awareness over the past two years has improved my system mentally, emotionally and professionally as a performer. The session decreased, if not eliminated my candida, and the tools that Ken gave me have helped increase and open my self-awareness my overall development as a Performance Athlete.

Being on the road in general doing between 5 and 7 shows a week, while evaluating myself, my performance, my Life as a Traveling Performer has blown open my self realization and utter belief in the mind-body connection that Kinesiology embraces. I couldn't have asked for more perfect universal timing when we were scheduled to come back and perform in Binghamton. This time, several of my cast went for sessions, and I came away from my session with an even deeper of myself and how events between the first time going to Two Rivers Health and this time have affected my emotions, my body and most important My Performance.

The class on stress relief was extremely profound, and the color cycle phases and eye rotations positively exposed so much of what was going on as far as my psyche and how it had affected my body.

As a performance athlete traveling and living on the road, - I recommend Ken Campbell and the Two Rivers Health. Living on the road and life experience has brought out mostly the best, and even though events in my Life have exposed themselves physically, and the knowledge I have learned since coming back this time has given me realistic Tools for Life on and Off the Road as a traveling and  artistic performance athlete.


Shola Cole

October 2007

Performer; STOMP the International Percussion Session

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