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Lifearts Institute is a consortium of private Practitioners and Educators,


All trained in the same ICPKP system at the International College of Healing Arts

but now each practicing Independently at different locations and focuses.


You may contact any of them directly by clicking on the email icon in their listing


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Ken Campbell  FNP, ACNP, Kinesiopractor, Senior Faculty ICPKP
President International College of Healing Arts

Practice Locations - Online session only

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Ken Campbell is a Nurse Practitioner who is licensed to practice both Family Health & Acute Care, and has been Board Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. He has served as Clinical Associate Faculty for the Nurse Practitioner Programs at both Binghamton and Syracuse Universities as well as Community General Hospitals Nurse Practitioner program, one of the first NP programs in NY state.


He has 25 years experience in Critical Care and Emergency Medicine having worked as a Paramedic in the field, RN in ICU/CCU and ER's, and as a Nurse Practitioner where he was the sole medical provider in a several rural ERs. He is trained in Advanced Critical Incident Stress Management which is the debriefing techniques used to help police fire, military after they have experienced significant traumatic events capable of inducing PTSD. Furthermore he  also served as Medical Staff for Woodstock 95 & 99 and Lake Placid IronMan Triathelon. He is the Chief Health & Safety officer for the annual week long Masters Testing event for Soo Bahk Do (Korean Karate) a position he has done for over 20 years now.

Ken is also trained as a Kinesiopractor and works extensively with elite athletes, using this technique to both treat their injuries as well as improve their performance. His experience in kinesiology started 30 years ago first with Touch for Health, then he completed the PKP modular program before becoming a Touch for Health instructor. He was then recruited for Faculty training with International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP).


After completing his faculty training he set up the International College of Healing Arts in 2005 to teach the ICPKP curriculum which includes certificates, Professional Diploma and Advanced Professional diploma (6 years of full time college).  This college was the first college in all of the Americas to graduate a Kinesiopractor, Erin Davis.

He has taught the ICPKP College Program in Binghamton NY and at The Open Center NYC. He has taught Kinesiology Workshops at The Swedish Institute NYC, Chautauqua Institute Chautauqua NY., The Midwifery program at The Farm TN, and Hamilton Bermuda. Additionally taught "Red Flags in Kinesiology" in Cape Town and Johannesburg South Africa and Weisbaden Germany.

Ken was attuned as a Reiki Master in 1987, and has used Reiki extensively in his professional career ever since. This includes everywhere from in ambulances, hospitals, nursing homes, sporting events, and in private settings across the USA, Canada, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Over his many years of practice, Ken has assisted many people through the difficulties of physical illness and trauma, emotional distress, mental stress, and spiritual growth. His patients have spanned the full spectrum of human existence. He has personally assisted during the joy and stresses of childbirth...and to comfort those undergoing the very final transition of their life...and many, many other things in between.


Erin Davis OT, Kinesiopractor, Senior Faculty ICPKP
Faculty International College of Healing Arts


Practice Locations - Currently back in Australia on Maternity Leave

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Erin Davis created Kinesiology Works to enable the US community to experience the amazing benefits of kinesiology. This cutting edge complementary practice is a popular and well-recognized form of healthcare in many developed countries.


Western Healthcare Training

Erin’s career in health began as an occupational therapist leading orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation teams in Sydney, Australia and later continued this profession in New York City.


Kinesiology Training

Drawn to complementary health Erin was inspired to undertake comprehensive kinesiology training in four countries, through which she gained a breadth of experience that included more than 4000 hours of specific kinesiology training. Erin’s professional experience spans over a decade of professional practice as an Occupational Therapist and Kinesiologist.

Erin is one of the first persons in the United States to graduate with the Advanced Graduate Diploma in Kinesiopractic® from the ICPKP, and is one of only two Senior Faculty in the United States. Her training with ICPKP makes her the most highly trained kinesiologist in the tri-state area. This training included learning directly from the founders of the only internationally recognized, academically accredited and licensed system of kinesiology, known as Professional Kinesiology Practice.


Kinesiology Practice

Since 2007, Erin has been using these wide-ranging effective techniques to enhance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of her clients. The approach helps her clients take an active role in enhancing their health and well-being with many wonderful transformational stories of success.


Kinesiology and Pregnancy

One of Erin’s primary areas of interest is women’s health and she works extensively with fertility, conception and pregnancy. She enjoys working with women and their partners before, during and after pregnancy to assist in building healthy families. Erin is also certified as a HypnoBirthing® practitioner, providing private and group classes to help women and their birth partners experience calm, empowering births.

Erin has applied kinesiology to help women achieve healthy sexuality, resolve fertility issues (including cases where conventional medical treatment was unsuccessful, eg. IVF and IUI), and helped women adapt to the physical, mental and emotional changes of pregnancy in healthy and comfortable ways.

Erin has helped her clients determine appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes for themselves and their families so they can function at their best. Another important aspect of her work involves balancing the pelvic floor muscles to assist women to carry and deliver a healthy baby, as well as restore healthy sexual and bladder function after delivery.

Erin’s clients also enjoy the benefits of kinesiology balancing to clear possible anxiety and overwhelm around labor and birth, parenting roles and family dynamic.


Kinesiology Teaching

Erin holds a faculty position at the International College of Healing Arts (ICOHA).  She was instrumental in the establishment of the 2009 kinesiology college programs in New York City.

Her faculty responsibilities are focused on teaching the basic kinesiology practitioner and professional diploma programs, as well as tutoring physicians and other licensed health professionals undertaking the program.

Additionally, Erin is credentialed to provide Continuing Education programs in kinesiology for Nurses, Psychologists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Athletic trainers and many other health professionals.

Erin aims to empower her clients and students to use kinesiology’s comprehensive approach to upgrade areas or situations in their life that they desire powerful change or positive improvement.


Shari Ahlers L.Ac, Basic Kinesiology practitioner
Faculty International College of Healing Arts

Practice Locations - Online session only

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Jeffery Haley LMT, Basic Kinesiology practitioner
Faculty International College of Healing Arts

Practice Locations - Ithaca NY

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