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Pregnancy & Childbirth

Erin Davis chose to focus her practice in Woman's Health issues and developed these packaged based on her clinical experiences


Preconception Packages


Preconception care is designed to help the mom-to-be  and dad-to-be  to optimize themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and determine any individual dietary, lifestyle, or environmental needs to prepare them to conceive, carry and deliver a healthy baby.


Benefits may include:

  • Build a healthy relationship with good sexual intimacy to enhance natural fertilization

  • Balance the muscles of your pelvic floor to optimize conception, carrying and delivering your baby as well as improving sexual function for both partners

  • Resolve infertility issues by integrating mind and body

  • Prepare the mind and body for IVF and other reproductive technologies

  • Release hidden stress and anxiety about conception and create a positive attitude

  • Healing past pregnancy and birth losses


Preconception Packages:


The Standard Package includes:

  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Balance (Mom-to-be)

  • 14 Muscle/Meridian Balance (Mom-to-be)

  • 14 Muscle/Meridian Balance (Dad-to-be)

  • Joint comprehensive Full Protocol Balance (Combined couples session)


The Expanded Package includes all the services of the Standard Package plus:

  • 2 additional Comprehensive Full Protocol Balances to assist each partner to individually focus on their  specific areas or goals.

Preconception Testimonials


We conceived a girl (after 4 years of trying)!
After 4 years of trying to conceive, and one failed IVF attempt, I began to explore kinesiology in an effort to understand why my body (despite having no obvious fertility issues) was blocking conception. I was at this point extremely stressed mentally over the situation and as I was now over 40, I was feeling pressure on all fronts. Finding Erin was a god-send, and through our sessions that followed, I became at ease mentally and released the blocks that were preventing pregnancy, allowing a second IVF attempt to work! I credit Erin and Kinesiology hugely in this process, and in helping relieve quite severe morning sickness throughout the pregnancy itself. Post-partum was also challenging, but again with the help of kinesiology I worked through the underlying issues causing me problems. I still maintain regular sessions with Erin, and consider Kinesiology a mainstay resource for my mental and physical health.

—P.D. New York 2013


Positive Pregnancy and Birthing Packages


Kinesiology is an effective way to pro-actively prepare and integrate your mind and body to cope with the numerous changes of pregnancy and childbirth. It will assist you to deepen your connection to the amazing experience that you, your baby and your partner are going through.


Benefits may include:

  • Release anxiety and concerns related to pregnancy, birthing or parenthood

  • Learn how to enhance your connection with your baby and deepen your prenatal bond

  • Optimize your pelvic floor muscles to easily carry and deliver your baby

  • Enhance confidence to deliver your baby

  • Maintain a comfortable and enjoyable sexual intimacy during pregnancy

  • Determine appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes to support your pregnancy

  • Relief of common complaints associated with pregnancy, including  – nausea and morning sickness, back and hip discomfort, sciatic pain, hemorrhoids, incontinence or leakage, feeling of fullness or pressure in belly, reduce fatigue and boost your energy naturally.



Trimester Packages

The following packages are tailored to your unique needs for your trimester.

One session per month for 3 months

  • One 14 Muscle/Meridian Balance per month for 3 months


One session per month for 3 months

  • Month 1 – 14 muscle/meridian balance

  • Month 2 – Pelvic Floor Regional Protocol

  • Month 3 – Comprehensive Full Protocol Balance


Two sessions per month for 3 months

  • Month 1 – 14 Muscle/Meridian balance plus Wheel Balance

  • Month 2 – Pelvic Floor Regional Protocol plus Comprehensive Full Protocol Balance

  • Month 3 – Pelvic Floor Regional Protocol plus Comprehensive Full Protocol Balance


Partner Package

  • Month 1 – Neuro-Vascular/Neuro-Emotional Protocols

  • Month 2 – 14 Muscle/Meridian Balance

  • Month 3 – Comprehensive Full Protocol Balance


Note – Partner is your primary support person during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Testimonials


A great birth experience
Our baby girl arrived early! On July 28th we had a healthy, efficient home birth – just like we worked on at our last session! She was born a healthy 7lb 15oz at 9:45pm, and labor was an efficient 7.5 hours! It was intense and I had a lot of back labor, but I knew that my contractions were productive and that labor was progressing rapidly – I was dilating efficiently throughout labor and when it came time I pushed for only 30 minutes and eventually pushed her out in one push. Even my midwife was impressed how quickly things moved for a first-time birth. I really felt that all the pelvic muscle work we did really made a difference on the labor starting when it did and progressing so well. Thanks so much for all your support with that. Additionally, the work helped to resolve my discomfort with hemorrhoids during the third trimester and I’m happy to say they have completely resolved since the birth.

– E.B. New York 2013



Morning sickness relief
Morning Erin… well after a fairly bad evening on the nausea front (could not keep down anything!), I woke up this morning to feel so much better.. still a bit of a tender stomach but no nausea so far.. and I am at my desk at work drinking a decaf Americano! I’m hoping this continues… and THANK YOU!!!

–  P.D. New York, 2012



I can carry my baby comfortably
What I have noticed mostly after our last session, is that although I still feel the pressure of the baby on my pelvis, it is not painful. Before it was painful to the point that it was hard to walk, now it is much easier to move around….so thank you Erin! A big help 🙂

–  E.Z. New York 2013



Pre delivery pelvic floor balance
I went to see Erin just a week before my birth for opening pelvis muscles. It was very helpful. I felt more confident about giving birth to my first baby and yes, when my contractions started I went from 5cm-10cm opening in 5 hours, which is very good for a first time mom.

–  E.Z. New York, 2013


Post-Partum Packages


Adjusting to your new baby can be an exciting and loving experience. Likewise it can involve moments of worry and doubt. Kinesiology can help you as new parents adapt and integrate your new lifestyle and family dynamic.


Kinesiology may help you –

  • Clear anxiety and overwhelm around parenting roles and family dynamic

  • Learn techniques to use with yourself and your partner to keep stress at a minimum

  • Connect and bond with your baby

  • Successfully breastfeed your baby and ensure appropriate milk production

  • Determine appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes for the new Mom and her family so they can function at their best

  • Balance the pelvic floor muscles to restore healthy sexual and bladder function after delivery

  • Resume a healthy sex life


Postpartum Package:

Two sessions per month for four months:

  • Month 1 – Pelvic Floor Regional Protocol and 14 Muscle/Meridian Balance (For new Mom)

  • Month 2 – x2 NV/NE Protocols (For new Mom and significant other)

  • Month 3 – Pelvic Floor Regional Protocol and 14 Muscle/Meridian Balance (For new Mom)

  • Month 4 – x2 Comprehensive Full Protocol Balances to assist each partner to individually focus on any specific areas they may have (For new Mom and significant other)

Post-Partum Testimonials:


Stress incontinence after childbirth resolved in one session
Since the birth of my son, I had been experiencing incontinence after sneezing or coughing. After one kinesiology pelvic floor balance with Erin, the issue has been resolved!

– CA, Long Island 2013



No more spit up!
Thank you so much! I feel amazing after yesterday. My daughter and I had the best night ever – we both slept a lot and she fed several times without much fuss or any spit up. Yay! Thank you for working with that as the priority instead of the pelvic floor – I feel a tremendous difference physically and emotionally already.

– E.B. New York, 2013



Postpartum Recovery
Erin’s Kinesiology sessions post partum were essential to my recovery and healing. By working on the pelvic floor muscles, I was able to connect to the muscles there in a way that I wasn’t able to right after the birth. Specifically, I was able to more effectively do kegel exercises for pelvic floor strengthening and experienced a very quick post partum healing period of the perineum (and also thanks to her sessions pre-birth there was not much trauma or tearing to heal). I also experienced very little to no incontinence issues and what I did experience (when coughing or sneezing), resolved within a few weeks after the birth and our session. At 8 weeks post partum, I feel physically similar to before I was pregnant.

Erin was also able to help me with my breast engorgement issues at the beginning of breast feeding, which was extremely distressing and painful and also made it difficult for my newborn to feed. I was told by my lactation consultant and midwife there was no way to resolve except for pumping and waiting. But it’s not true – Erin can help! By reducing my over-supply enough, I was so much more comfortable physically and emotionally. Also, the flow of milk was more appropriate for my baby and she could latch better. We cleared it up quick enough that nothing more serious (like mastitis) ever came up.

My baby had developed colic around 4 weeks old and the session helped to resolve it within days. We thought we were going to have a colic-baby for months. It was seriously like magic – she went from 5 hours of solid inconsolable crying in the evening for 3 consecutive nights to 4 hours, then 3 hours, then 1 hour and now if she fusses at night it is never more than 45 min. Amazing!

I am so grateful for such a profound healing experience during such an exhausting and demanding time as new motherhood! Erin is a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner and has a true gift for helping women and their families during pregnancy, post partum and early pediatric care. My experience of her sessions are always positive, with an instant feeling of relaxation, and the results unfold for days after we meet. I would trust her with any of my closest friends/family for true healing!

– E.B. New York, 2013



My pelvic floor and belly restored!
After giving birth I had also a session with Erin for getting my pelvic floor muscles+ stomach muscles back into “their place” since I felt my pelvis very vulnerable and also stomach muscles felt out of place. I needed a session to put them back and “seal them.” It was amazing, after the session I felt they were put back into place and also for my postpartum doctor’s visit they said everything is healing very nicely. I believe the energetic shift that happened helped it. Thank you very much Erin!

– E.Z. New York 2013



Postpartum anxiety and depression relieved
I came to Kinesiology Works at the recommendation of my midwife. 7 months postpartum I was suffering from extreme anxiety and moderate depression–both new experiences for me. My attitude was to try any and everything to feel better–therapy, kinesiology and psychiatric care/medication. So luckily, Erin was able to see me before the psychiatrist. After two sessions I felt immensely lighter and more like myself. My therapist was incredulous; my face looked different, she said, and the changes I was describing were “like what people experience when they get on anti-anxiety/depression meds.” Her assuredness that I seek psychiatric care changed entirely.

For me, kinesiology has been paradigm shifting. It doesn’t “make me happy” or “fix my problems.” Instead, it’s like clearing away cobwebs I wasn’t aware of, or putting on glasses when I didn’t know my vision was compromised. Suddenly, the world and myself in it, snap into sharper focus. It’s the same world, but I experience it differently and more clearly.

It is a great shortcoming of our medical system that kinesiology isn’t presented or discussed alongside medicine, or physical therapy, or surgery. It is a healing practice tailored to each patient–no two sessions or procedures are the same–and it, in concert with my own body, can resolve physical, mental and emotional wounds. It is as though I have stumbled upon a miraculous secret. Why doesn’t anyone know about this??!!

– L.T. Brooklyn, 2013

Info on this page courtesy of Erin Davis' KinesiologyWorks website

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