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Function & Performance

Specialized Energy Kinesiology is ideal for improving performance a it takes in to account all factors  the may be limiting your function and integrates Mind-Body connection to improve performance.




Kinesiology assists people in feeling fit and fantastic – from those wanting to lose a few pounds and get in shape, to amateur and professional athletes looking to increase their competitive edge.

Kinesiology blends knowledge from acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, nutrition and naturopathy to assist your body to reach its peak. Benefits may include reduced pain, quicker recovery periods, enhanced performance and ultimately, goal fulfillment.

We have access to over 350 techniques to bring you closer to your goals – including regional muscle protocols to strengthen and balance specific areas of the body, to optimizing your personal nutrition plan to include only foods that raise your energy. We can also assist you to release the limiting patterns that are keeping you from your weight or fitness goals.