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This website is to inform you about the professional services and classes we offer.

It is not a sales site.

We do not sell our own or third party items, nor will we allow others to sell you items using our list or platform.

Nor will we pester to buy our services or upsell our professional services or classes.

The info is here, the choice is yours.

Ask if you have any questions.

Terms of Use

You play nice and we'll let you use our site.

You don't play nice we'll lock you out.

You do illegal or dangerous things we will report you and assist Law Enforcement to investigate and prosecute.


Our privacy policy is quite simple -

  • We don't share or release your info to anyone. Period.

  • We will only make direct contact with you in response to your inquiries or booking requests.

    • (We don't do cold calls, prospecting or spaming)

Visitors from the E.U.

This is U.S. based website so simply by visiting it you have already submitted yourself to increased screening and snooping by both US Intelligence services and internet marketing companies tracking your movements.  We do not participate in any such actions however we cannot attest to the actions of our ISP (

If you choose to set up a "Members" account on this website odds are your data will quite probably be stored on servers in the US &/or transferred between servers in many unknown to us countries.

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