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Diet & Nutrition

Do you know what nutrition your body wants or needs?

Do you really need those supplements?

Food Sensitivities?  Food "Allergies"? 

Fad diets come and go.  All food and supplement testing is done by the parties who are bringing that product to market. There is a $30 billion dollar industry out there attempting to tell you their "one" way is the best.  How do you know who/what to believe?

Nutrition is not a one size fits all deal.  Each persons nutritional needs are uniquely their own, and they change regularly depending on their activities.


Furthermore diet is only half the equation. Can you body actually absorb the food or supplements your taking?  If not your wasting your money and not helping your body.

PKP offers you several ways to deal with nutrition issues.  (Including the possibility of getting rid of food sensitivities verses just managing or avoiding them for the rest of your life.)

Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) pathways to proper nutrition.

  • Every 14 Muscle Balance includes basic nutritional corrections in it.

  • Any BKP Full Protocol Balance automatically includes scanning for 6 additional modes/pathways

  • Any Kinesiopractic Full Protocol Balance automatically includes scanning for over 20 modes/pathways.

Likewise we offer focused specific Holistic Nutrition session to help give you a snapshot of your situation and help you figure out what you really need, and don't need, specific to your situation and condition.


  • .Basic Holistic Nutrition Profile

    • Chain of Life

    • 6 Stages of Nutrition

    • Basic Supplement testing (time permitting)

  • Specific Holistic Nutrition Profile

    • Follow up assess to above

    • In-depth testing of specific foods and supplements

      • Prerequisite - Basic Nutrition Profile

  • Food Sensitivity Clearing  (e.g. allergy, intolerance, etc)

    • Usually best resolved by a Full Protocol Balance on this topic

      • Prerequisite - Basic Nutrition Profile, 14 muscle Balance, or Intro Session

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Chain of Life.jpg
  • Chain of Life

  • 6 Stages of Nutrition

  • Food - Add or Delete

  • Supplement - Add or Delete

  • Biogenic - Biocidic food testing

  • Food Sensitivity testing

    • (10 separate pathways)

  • Toxins - Specific Cleanse

  • Toxins - General Cleanse

  • Food - Add or Delete

  • Supplement - Add or Delete

  • Biochemical Pathways

  • Specific Nutritional Reward

  • 5 Element Oriental  Diet

  • Rotation Diet

  • Elimination diets

  • Food Combining

  • Mediterranean diet

  • DASH diet

  • Zone diet

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