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Confidence at work
I cannot tell you enough what a difference our session made. The Monday after our session I walked directly into my boss’s office and told him how I felt about my current work situation, calmly and collected. Ever since then things have only become better. I have had a promotion at work and can clearly talk to my CEO without getting anxious. Thank you so very much!!

– A.B. New York 2011

Releasing fear about job loss
I had been laid off and was experiencing feelings of fear and uncertainty regarding the future of my career. I left the session feeling unburdened, centered, and a wonderful sense of peace.

– C.A. Licensed Massage Therapist, 2010

Success in career and life goals
Kinesiology has greatly enhanced my emotional, mental, and physical well-being and enabled me to successfully focus on my career and life goals. All this and no side effects!

I believe that anybody can benefit from kinesiology, all it takes is a sincere desire to improve your life.

– C.F. Screenplay author, 2009

Kinesiology helps with business expansion
Once again, THANK YOU for your work. My heart and mind are sustaining joy like I cannot remember, ever under the intense stress and lack of sleep of planning this trip and business expansion. THANK YOU!

– A.F. Business owner, 2009

Kinesiology helps to jumpstart job search
The kinesiology session jump started a new and focused energy in me that has permeated every aspect of my life. I found during this week, an ability to take purposeful initiative in continuing to pursue possible job prospects.

– L.H. Transcriptionist, 2009

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