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Chronic Problems

Healthy Blood Pressure

Healthy Blood Pressure restored

I wanted to give you the good news that last night my blood pressure was 120/80. I keep focusing on my goal, and the result was perfect. Your ears must have been burning last night because I told my doctor how wonderful you are and what a difference you have made for me.

– D.T. New York, 2012

Thank you for today’s session! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am totally amazed at my body’s accuracy in responding to questions. It was a really cool session! Thanks for today’s healing. I look forward to our next session!

– L.B. Stylist NY, 2011



I’ve been an insomniac for what seems like my entire life. At 38yo, after seeing Erin Davis and having treatments regarding some other issues, my body decided it was time to tackle SLEEP. This was the most concrete of anything that I desperately needed to change my life, I asked my body to sleep through the night and awake well rested at 7:30 in the morning. That night, I got a full night’s sleep and awoke at 7:30, like on the DOT. Its still mostly holds true, though perhaps there is the occasional extra stressed out day or a sugar binge I shouldn’t have been apart of, BUT I’ve never known a life of healthy sleeping habits, and now I do.

– H.M. New York, NY 2013

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Skin Issues


Photo-sensitivity reaction resolved!
I was told by many dermatologists all my life that the photo-sensitivity reaction that occurred on my skin and hands would never go away and my only option was to stay out of the sun and use topical steroids when a reaction occurred. Since our sessions in the spring, I can say that I have enjoyed many days in the sun since then without any reactions on my skin. It is truly amazing the deep healing your sessions provide.


– E.B. New York 2013


Poison Ivy Relief
Having received many benefits from kinesiology from numerous visits over the last few years. I am still amazed by its healing powers. I recently had a severe reaction to poison ivy which lasted a number of weeks. At a session with Erin I mentioned that I had an area on my arm which was particularly itchy and I found it hard to get relief. By the end of my session the itch was gone and did not return. Amazing!!

– J.O. Brooklyn, NY 2013



Energized and motivated to achieve goals
I entered the session extremely tired lethargic and somewhat depressed. I felt uneasy about my goals and current path toward achieving them. During the session, the stress and tension that I was experiencing was dramatically reduced and my energy levels soared. I felt ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead.

—N.A. Teacher, 2010

Kinesiology is like having a tune-up
My experience with Kinesiology resulted in my becoming more balanced overall in my life, energy, mind, body and emotions. I felt like I had received a “tune up,” cleared negativity, and gained clarity and commitment to reach my goals.

—P.C. Director of Youth Center, 2009

Energy for family, work and play!
Before working with Erin, I had done lots of “healing” work on myself – nutrition, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, therapy, Landmark, you name it. There was still something deep inside me that I felt I couldn’t overcome — almost on the cellular level or in my DNA. I had a bunch of stories about how I needed to work harder for this “breakthrough” to happen. But after a fun and inspiring session with Erin, I found this block could be removed effortlessly. I also now have some tools to use when I’m feeling low on energy or when something has got me feeling down. It’s kind of like a reset button for my system. I can get myself back on track quite easily. One of the results I enjoy most is high energy throughout my workday. Before working with Erin, I felt like I was looking at the clock on my computer constantly – it was so depressing. When I got home, all I had the energy to do was order delivery food and get into bed. Now I have plenty of spark to complete my projects at work, and when I get home I still have lots of energy for playing with my 3 year old son, cooking a healthy supper, and catching up with friends – even after a long day at work. What a gift!

—M.F. Nutritionist, 2010

Waking up with energy!
It was wonderful to meet you yesterday. I felt really great this morning when I woke up, not my normal sluggishness feeling. I cannot wait to work on other areas in the future. It is always great to meet someone that you connect well with and I am happy that it was you.

—M.S. Small business owner, 2009

My energy soared

I have been attending Kinesiology sessions for the past 2 months and benefited from each session. In my session today I experienced a dramatic shift. I entered the session extremely tired lethargic and somewhat depressed. I felt uneasy about my goals and current path toward achieving them. During the session the stress and tension that I was experiencing was dramatically reduced and my energy levels soared. When I entered the session I felt like I needed at least a 4 hour nap. When I left the session I felt like the sun had dawned on a fresh new day after a full night of sleep and I was ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead. I am so grateful to have been introduced to kinesiology.

—N.A. Brooklyn, NY 2010

Putting myself first
I was thinking about how amazing the session was and how special it was because of you. Your energy is amazing and I felt grateful to be with you. Felt like I was in caring and safe hands. I am motivated and dedicated to getting up every morning at 6 for self care. This is a healing process. I humble myself to it.

—M.M. Yoga Instructor, New York, 2010

Focus increased
Thank you for my balance yesterday. It was quite deep and very profound. I am still processing it out but already see so many times in my life where that was a default stress pattern. I now can understand where and why things stagnated and I was unable to progress.

I slept quite soundly with vivid dreams for the first time in a long time. The dreams were quite insightful and only took things deeper yet. Already I am able to better manage my energy and fields, and this morning when I awoke I clearly understand the convictions (i.e. focus) needed, and the need to maintain them for the long term and not let them get eroded away.

—C.K. Nurse, NY 2010

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