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New Client Introductory Consult

Actions speak louder than words!

Business Meeting

As I have said to my students in class for over a decade now.  I can talk to someone about Kinesiology for years and most people still don't get it.


Let my show them what it is, using their own body, and within minutes they truly comprehend it and it's power.

So that said for new clients I offer a 30 minute consult and then a Balance or techniques appropriate to them to get the education process started.

What you will experience


In the session

  • Meet & Greet to talk about your situation and what you want to improve in your life.


  • Your questions answered about what Kinesiology is, how Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) is different from all other systems, and how that will means better results for you.


  • One on one instruction on what muscle testing is (and isn't), what it can do, and more importantly, what it can't do. This will be done live with you so you can learn "the dance" in advance to allow any future session to go quickly and easily.

    • You will learn basics of Manual Muscle Testing

    • "Self Help Selfie" to get you started on accessing to your own Mind-Body connection.

    • Basic Emotional Stress Release ESR (The most powerful kinesiology technique there is)

  • A balance of some sort best suited to your needs.  Typically this will be a 14 muscle Balance or a NV/NE Wheel Balance.


After you leave

  • Access to client education video on a techniques you can do at home to keep things moving forward. This way you can be fully in the moment during the session and you don't you don't have to take notes.

  • Follow up communication with suggested plan for moving forward if you so choose.

  • Ability to book in for any level of service

14 Muscle/Meridian Balance

The foundation of what we do. This Balance protocol evaluates energy flow of 14 muscles (1 for each meridian) and balances them using Law of 5 Elements. Whereas not a comprehensive as a Full Protocol it can still be quite effective at getting to root of problem and releasing it.


Neuro-Vascular Wheel

Under stress blood gets shifted from front part of brain (executive area) to lower brain (brain stem) area to provide for Fight or Flight response. N/V points open up the blood supply to allow brain to allow it to "breath easy" and function better.

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