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No more spit up!
Thank you so much! I feel amazing after yesterday. My daughter and I had the best night ever – we both slept a lot and she fed several times without much fuss or any spit up. Yay! Thank you for working with that as the priority instead of the pelvic floor – I feel a tremendous difference physically and emotionally already.

– E.B. New York

Sound asleep! Our 2 year old now sleeps on his own!

Working with Erin was deeply supportive for our family, especially our son. Our boy struggled to go to sleep on his own — not an uncommon concern among parents of a two and a half year old. We knew he could do it and we were certain there was a way to compassionately and gently support him in the transition. After one session with Erin, focusing on the sleep issue, we began to see shifts in his pattern and as well as his willingness to consider going to sleep on his own. And within two and a half weeks of that session he easily dozed off after our evening routine. This was incredibly liberating for all of us! In addition to seeing the sleep issue resolve itself we were blessed with less whining and more smiling. Now more than ever it is a delight to be with our little guy. We are extremely grateful for Erin’s guidance and expertise.

– J.M. Brooklyn, NY

My 7 year old stopped sleepwalking

Erin is a magician. I don’t know how she does what she does but she is a true healer. I went to her in hopes she can help my 7 year old, with his sleep walking, within 1 hour of her treatment, my son was already showing signs of progress. Truly amazing. It has been about a month since he has seen her and he is now sleeping throughout the night & is less restless before bed. Erin is able to “read” the body and give you what you need specifically to function better and feel wonderful. I’m seeing her in September! Thank you Erin for your help & your compassion.

– S.C. New Jersey

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