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Preparing for surgery
Right before I went into surgery, in pre-op, I did a round of the kinesiology points you gave me–and I had also been keeping up pretty well with doing them daily. I feel that doing that, plus the acupuncture I had a couple of days before, where probably instrumental in me feeling so well after the surgery. I felt fine despite the anesthesia and had little if any discomfort. So THANK YOU!

– L.G. New York


Kinesiology helped my sick dog!
Talk about 3rd party verifiable…my husband put down the food when we got home and the two of us watched in amazement as he ate by himself. Then he ran around in a happy comical way just being silly. Also, due to his frequent urinating…he usually wakes me at around 2AM, 4AM, & then 6AM to go in the yard; however, he slept all night and he didn’t ask to go out until 7:30AM. Also saw him chase a squirrel at turbo speed this morning in the yard. Can’t thank you enough. I’ll keep you posted of any other improvements

—J.G. Sales Associate Brooklyn NY

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