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S - Anxiety

Anxiety & Stress


Calm vs Anxiety
I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and time you spent with me! I deeply appreciate it. I am feeling such an inner sense of calm and peace which I haven’t felt for many many years. I had one of the most calm, serene, calm weeks of my entire life! I feel wonderful. I don’t have words to thank you enough!

—O.A. Queens NY, 2012


Anxiety relieved

I want you to know how much you helped me today. Your work really moved the severe anxiety and panic I was in the grips of. I made it home ok and the rest of the day went very smoothly. You were a lifesaver today and for that I am very grateful!

– M.M, Long Island, NY

Increasing happiness with kinesiology
That was an incredible session yesterday. Thank you so much! I felt so much happier after it. It is also very interesting to see the different dimensions of what your work entails. I personally love the lying down on the table bit. But seriously, you are clearly so talented and gifted in your work. You are definitely living your life purpose.

– H.K. Business owner, 2009

Work stress diminishes with kinesiology

I was experiencing enormous amounts of stress around my work. During the session I was gradually able to experience a lifting of the weight of stress I was carrying. The headache I had walked in with diminished and my overall sense of weakness started to dissipate.

Since my visit with Erin I continue to go at an enormously fast pace yet I am able to maintain a positive attitude towards my work load and have a real sense of accomplishment. I have even been able to tackle some very difficult aspects of my business that in the past I would have immediately felt defeated by. In general I feel much more lively, capable and hopeful.

– A.M. Gallery Owner, 2009

S - Emotional Control

Emotional Freedom


Kinesiology – first therapy to make a real difference
I am so thankful that my doctor suggested I try Kinesiology. It is the first type of therapy that has really made a difference for me. It addresses issues on the physical, mental and emotional levels and provides me with tools to deal with ongoing issues, gives me a sense of power, and enables me to live my best life.

– C.K. Dancer, 2010

Kinesiology was better than therapy for me #1
My Dr suggested I make an appointment for kinesiology as he thought I was “emotionally overloaded.” At my first appointment I discussed my level of anxiety. Erin worked with me on this subject and when I left the office and to the present day I haven’t experienced that same level of anxiety. I was astounded by how instant it was. The shift in my emotions continued on after my appointments. I feel what can happen on an emotional level during one hour of kinesiology could take years in therapy (if you’re lucky). I’ve continued to work with Erin on different emotional issues I have to much success.

– T.D. Designer, NY 2010

Kinesiology was better than therapy for me #2

I just wanted to drop you a note about my session yesterday. I felt great when I got out, I just felt like a massive shift had occurred. I came home and was telling my husband “this stuff is lightning years ahead of therapy, therapy has you dredging up all this stuff and a lot of the time you will leave feeling awful. But kinesiology can pin point the issues and annihilate them, when you leave you feel wonderful” I just don’t get why more people aren’t doing it? I feel so optimistic about the future.

– T.D. Designer, 2010

Gratitude for kinesiology
Thank you for doing a balance on me. It was very educational. You manifest brightly in spirit and as a function of healing. Much gratitude for you and this work.

– G.M. Podiatrist 2009

S - Releaseing the Past

Easily Releasing the Past


Releasing grief
Thank you so much for the session, Erin! I am definitely feeling some movement around the grief stuff and I feel like a spot light has been shined on some dusty places in my psyche. I’ve used some of the centering techniques you showed me and they’re great. They definitely help me come out of a frantic head-space when I’m leaning in that direction so what a gift.

– L.B. Artist New York 2011



Letting go of the past
I would like to thank you for the kinesiology session the other day. Erin was so sweet and nice and I had a really relaxing hour. I felt good in the car ride home, but I thought that was just because I stopped running 10 mpg for an hour.

Something happened the next day…

I have saved every abusive, nasty email from my ex husband for 4 years. I have saved every piece of paper from all three courts I have been in for the past five years.

I threw them away. I deleted the e-mails and I was free. Not entirely, free and I didn’t throw away everything but I was on a spree and I must confess, it felt really good. I didn’t realize until an hour after this spree that this must have been a result of my session the day before. An anxiety attack this morning was eased by touching my forehead. LOL. I still cant believe this worked, but it did!! Thanks!!

– F.K. Nutritionist, Long Island

Releasing emotional blocks from the past

As a massage therapist, I am interested in experiencing all types of bodywork, and I had the opportunity to try a Kinesiology session with Erin Davis. I had attended an Introduction to Kinesiology lecture at the Center, and was intrigued by the theory and comprehensive approach. I experienced a mini-session with Erin after the lecture and found the muscle testing techniques fascinating.

The next session with Erin I had no idea what we would work on, nor did I have any expectations on what might happen. Erin began by asking me how I felt, and if there was something specific I would like to focus on. I had been laid off in June of 09 and was experiencing feelings of fear related to my job loss and uncertainty regarding the future of my career. Imagine my shock at Erin’s discovery that these feelings had its roots during my childhood! I was quite stunned and became overwhelmed emotionally, but Erin assured me that this was now a great chance to clear the problem.

Erin led me through several physical techniques for calming and identified the meridians that needed clearing. I spoke specific affirmations while performing unusual exercises which left me feeling unburdened and centered. I felt tired after the experience, but for days I felt a wonderful sense of peace. I had thought that many sessions with Psychologists had resolved my childhood issues, but talk therapy was obviously insufficient. My musculature still contained this traumatic information.

I expressed my gratitude to Erin for this breakthrough, but she humbly said I had myself to thank for being open to the process. I absolutely recommend Kinesiology to anyone interested in clearing away past wounds, allowing the true, clear self to emerge.

– C.A. Licensed Massage Therapist, 2010

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