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Digestive complaints resolved
My whole life I struggled with digestive problems. I attended multiple specialists and tried various medications and diet plans to help alleviate my symptoms. No matter what I did, I never experienced relief…until I went to Erin for Kinesiology. I had one visit with Erin and all my digestive issues cleared up 100 percent! I still don’t believe the success I have had with Kinesiology to this very day. Anytime I have physical or emotional issue I go straight to Erin and always come out with 100 percent success. The benefits and success of Kinesiology have been endless for me. Erin is the definition of a top notch professional! Not only is she a highly qualified professional but she cares about her clients more than any other doctor or practitioner I have ever met. Erin changed my life with Kinesiology. I am grateful everyday!

– C.W. Health Coach, New York


Kinesiology food testing
This is a bit spooky, although I am sure you are used to this. I just got back my allergy report and what is the food that comes up highest? Whey! As you might recall that was what my body told me to avoid to reach my ideal weight. Amazing!

-M.S. Health coach, New York

I can eat my favorite meal again!
I’ve had my sauce with hot sausage and meatballs over ravioli three nights in a row now! And I got really daring and had it with Guinness, which was quite yummy. 🙂


– C.M. Graphic Designer, Brooklyn NY

Weight Issues

I am finding that I have many less cravings and am choosing better foods. I am losing weight so I hope it keeps going in that direction.

—S.S. OT, New York

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