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Speed Dating Success!
I went speed dating on Friday night, and I have been doing the exercises you taught me. I was open and friendly and myself. I attracted 8 of the 9 guys! 8 people want to go on a date with me, and I think 2 have potential. They were older, which is very different for me and in the past. I am not surprised our session worked, I think it is so cool!

– K.F. Long Island

Enhancing connection within intimate relationships
I have definitely worked on our goal from that last session. Thank you- a lot of things helped to put things in perspective and helped me to confront certain things with my partner. I am glad to say that I am now 29 weeks pregnant, which is 7 months. I am in great spirits and very confident that I will deliver my baby in April. My partner and I are more connected and have actually started premarital counseling to prepare for married life before the baby. It has helped us to build more intimacy as well as communicate better. Thank you for all your help.

– L.A. New York

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