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Pregnancy & Family Preparation

Kinesiology helps Dad prepare for his second baby
On my wife’s and friend’s recommendation I came to Erin Davis of Kinesiology Works to help remove some resistance and anxieties surrounding the birth of our second child. Erin’s grounded presence and sense of humor immediately put me at ease and allowed me to safely focus on what was most troubling me. Her gentle, intuitive, skillful approach rapidly helped me get to the bottom of the real underlying blockages, revealed what my body was trying to tell me, and cleared up years of self-sabotage in ONE SESSION. There’s a lot to do to prepare for a baby’s arrival, and this was essential. I highly recommend it.

-D.T. New York

A great birth experience
Our baby girl arrived early! On July 28th we had a healthy, efficient home birth – just like we worked on at our last session! She was born a healthy 7lb 15oz at 9:45pm, and labor was an efficient 7.5 hours! It was intense and I had a lot of back labor, but I knew that my contractions were productive and that labor was progressing rapidly – I was dilating efficiently throughout labor and when it came time I pushed for only 30 minutes and eventually pushed her out in one push. Even my midwife was impressed how quickly things moved for a first-time birth. I really felt that all the pelvic muscle work we did really made a difference on the labor starting when it did and progressing so well. Thanks so much for all your support with that. Additionally, the work helped to resolve my discomfort with hemorrhoids during the third trimester and I’m happy to say they have completely resolved since the birth.

—E.B. New York

Morning sickness relief
Morning Erin… well after a fairly bad evening on the nausea front (could not keep down anything!), I woke up this morning to feel so much better.. still a bit of a tender stomach but no nausea so far.. and I am at my desk at work drinking a decaf Americano! I’m hoping this continues… and THANK YOU!!!


—P.D. New York

I can carry my baby comfortably
What I have noticed mostly after our last session, is that although I still feel the pressure of the baby on my pelvis, it is not painful. Before it was painful to the point that it was hard to walk, now it is much easier to move around….so thank you Erin! A big help 🙂


—E.Z. New York

Pre delivery pelvic floor balance
I went to see Erin just a week before my birth for opening pelvis muscles. It was very helpful. I felt more confident about giving birth to my first baby and yes, when my contractions started I went from 5cm-10cm opening in 5 hours, which is very good for a first time mom.


—E.Z. New York

We conceived a girl (after 4 years of trying)!
After 4 years of trying to conceive, and one failed IVF attempt, I began to explore kinesiology in an effort to understand why my body (despite having no obvious fertility issues) was blocking conception. I was at this point extremely stressed mentally over the situation and as I was now over 40, I was feeling pressure on all fronts. Finding Erin was a god-send, and through our sessions that followed, I became at ease mentally and released the blocks that were preventing pregnancy, allowing a second IVF attempt to work! I credit Erin and Kinesiology hugely in this process, and in helping relieve quite severe morning sickness throughout the pregnancy itself. Post-partum was also challenging, but again with the help of kinesiology I worked through the underlying issues causing me problems. I still maintain regular sessions with Erin, and consider Kinesiology a mainstay resource for my mental and physical health.


—P.D. New York

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