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Pain - Headache
Pain - TMJ

Headaches & TMJ


Relief of stress and headaches with kinesiology
I had no clue what kinesiology was but I was not able to get rid of headaches and stress for several months so I was willing to try anything. Kinesiology was very gentle and when I left, I was free of pain and stress. I now encourage all my friends who are experiencing pain to see if this might help them too!

– (R.G. Rabbi, NY)

TMJ Relief
Thank YOU so much for giving me that session. It was fascinating for me to see you at work. Last night was very smooth and today I feel both my TMJ and throat are much more relaxed.

– K.P. Naturopath 2010

Pain - Back

Back Pain

No more back pain…and family productivity with kinesiology
I found emotional and physical healing since my time with Erin. My back couldn’t feel better! I have also found a rhythm to my family life that is productive and healthy.

– J.P. Homemaker, 2009


Medical School Study on Lower Back Pain


Pilot study on Effect of ICPKP Kinesiology on Low Back Pain shows ICPKP protocol more effective than Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Emotional Therapy and numerous others

Click here to see vidoe clip about this


- Dr Sue Eardley , Fellow ICPKP, Researcher of Complimentary Therapies at University of Southhampton, England

Pain Relief & Healing

Pain Relief & Accelerated Healing

Quick healing of leg

My leg is healing brilliantly!! Bruising and swelling have been a NO SHOW!!! How cool is that! Almost walking normally again although the muscle is still rather week and a little tender it is so quick in healing even I am amazed. Thank you again Erin for you generosity and kindness as always. Thank goodness you were there.

– T.M. Life Coach NZ 2010



I can swim with no pain!
Thanks so much for the kinesiology session on Sunday. I just wanted to tell you that my right shoulder (I guess where my trapezius muscle is) felt so much better when I was using the kickboard in the pool, that I was able to do several laps of the pool doing a crawl and breast stroke with no pain whatsoever! This is really amazing, because for many years swimming could trigger a migraine from that shoulder pain.

– M.B. New York, 2010



Poison Ivy Relief
Having received many benefits from kinesiology from numerous visits over the last few years. I am still amazed by its healing powers. I recently had a severe reaction to poison ivy which lasted a number of weeks. At a session with Erin I mentioned that I had an area on my arm which was particularly itchy and I found it hard to get relief. By the end of my session the itch was gone and did not return. Amazing!!

– J.O. Brooklyn, NY 2013



Kinesiology relieves pain
I was long overdue for pain reduction and some ‘emotional freedom’.Erin’s approach was without hesitation and most professional…I left feeling renewed.

– EP , 2009


Getting back to rock climbing
My arm has been getting better since our last session!!!! Thank you!


– A.W. Accountant, New York



Enjoying my summer
I was feeling really sick and out of energy and asked Erin to help me. The weekend was coming and in my head I pictured myself staying in bed. After a short session of kinesiology we found the source of problem and Erin helped me unblock my energy. Believe me or not, the next day I was swimming in the ocean and having a lots of fun with my friends. Nobody believed me I was sick just one day before. That’s was amazing. Thank you dear Erin for giving me my energy back – you saved my summer!

– L.K. Brooklyn 2013

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