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Specialized Energy

Kinesiology Is

(Pronounced “Kin-easy-ology”)

A holistic natural therapy integrating the ancient wisdom of Oriental Medicine with modern science

How Kinesiology Works


Kinesiology is an integrative modality that encompasses a person’s anatomical (structural), psychological (mental/emotional); and physiological (nutritional, bio-chemical) elements.


By focusing on this triad of health, kinesiologists are able to work holistically to achieve results. If there is a problem in any area of the triad, it can lead to energy (Qi) being blocked or misdirected. This results in a “short circuit’ or a “bug in the software” and the massive bio-computer that is our body no longer works properly.

As the body attempts to compensate for the short circuit it may overload another circuit and thereby “trip another circuit breaker.” When this chain reaction is completed the result is often multiple problems in several areas. By clearing the “short circuits” or “debugging the software” we allow the body’s energies to flow properly, work at their best and let the body heal itself.

Professional kinesiology practitioners are trained in over 350 techniques and will apply the ones most appropriate for you and your unique situation so you can unleash your potential.



Kinesiology looks beyond symptoms and unlike Western medicine, does not diagnose or focus on named diseases.  Kinesiology is concerned with achieving functional outcomes and improving balance in the body’s energy. This goal-oriented approach brings a person closer to achieving any goal of their choice.

Ken Headshot.jpg

Ken Campbell  FNP, ACNP, Kinesiopractor, Senior Faculty ICPKP

President International College of Healing Arts

Ken Campbell is a Nurse Practitioner who is licensed to practice both Family Health & Acute Care, and has been Board Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.He has served as Clinical Associate Faculty for the Nurse Practitioner Programs at both Syracuse and Binghamton Universities. He has 25 years experience working Critical Care and Emergency Medicine including being the sole medical provider in a rural emergency room.

Ken is also trained as a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner and works extensively with elite athletes, using this technique to both treat their injuries as well as improve their performance. He first started using Kinesiology over 20 years ago, including in the E.R., and is one of only 2 Kinesiopractors in all of the Americas. 

Ken was attuned as a Reiki Master in 1987, and has used Reiki extensively in his professional career ever since. This includes everywhere from in ambulances, hospitals, nursing homes, sporting events, and in private settings across the USA, Bermuda, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia.

Over his many years of practice, Ken has assisted many people through the difficulties of physical illness and trauma, emotional distress, mental stress, and spiritual growth.

His patients have spanned the full spectrum of human existence. He has personally assisted during the joy and stresses of childbirth...and to comfort those undergoing the very final transition of their life...and many, many other things in between.

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