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Classes  &  Workshops

All of our classes offer practical knowledge and "Hands On" learning.

Small class sizes. focused on practical skills in simplified ways so when you leave you will be able to use your new skill That very same day.

The Top 10 Pain Releasers – Self Help Techniques for Reducing Stress and Pain
Saturday 28th September 2013, 9am-6pm, $125



It is estimated that over 30% of all adults suffer from Chronic Pain. Everyone will suffer acute pain at some point in their lives.

Now you can learn some proven techniques to help you relieve pain and improve function for both acute and chronic pain that are –

  • Easy, safe, effective, completely natural, and require no equipment or supplies

This workshop gives you a powerful toolbox of techniques which may be used to help release your pain and stress often within minutes.

Based in Kinesiology, we will teach you to effectively utilize:

Kinesiology Muscle testing ~ NeuroLymphatic Reflex Points ~ NeuroVascular Reflex Points ~ Neuromuscular Reset & Energy Stroking ~ Music to Meridian ~ Release muscle cramps ~ Hydration ~ Auricular Acupressure Massage ~ Meridian Massage ~ Brazilian Toe Massage

For more information or to register click here.

Location – Awakening NY (607 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222)




Enhance Your Athletic Performance
Saturday August 24th 2013 9-6pm


Are you an athlete or trainer on the lookout for strategies to become stronger, faster and more powerful—to maximize your performance and go beyond an existing belief of what you thought was your personal best?

Specialized Energy Kinesiology is the key to enhancing your athletic performance. If you are seeking ways to improve your energy, endurance, flexibility, reduce injuries, or recover more quickly, the ancient art and modern science of kinesiology can help to give you this edge (naturally!).

In this 1-day workshop you will learn how to –

  • Accurately use muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism to determine foods and supplements that raise your life energy and those that deplete it

  • Determine the foods that can provide the best fuel pre- and post-workout

  • Optimize your personal nutrition plan to improve muscle performance

  • Use powerful integration techniques that teach your body and mind how to work together


These techniques have been used by Olympic medal winners and Iron Man Triathletes to balance their body so they can gain access to their full potential without drugs or steroids.

Who Should Attend?

If you train or workout regularly and are looking for ways to work with your body, then this workshop is for you. Whether you are a personal trainer, amateur or professional athlete, yoga instructor, or looking for a way to boost your performance in your favorite sport or gym class, you can benefit from attending.

Click here for more information or to register.

Basic Food and Supplement Testing 


Every few months a new fad diet appears on the scene. We are bombarded with information espousing the benefits of the blood type diet, zone diet, south beach diet, and paleolithic principles. We are told to avoid gluten and dairy and to eat “super” foods like maca and goji berry.

So, how do we know which foods to eat? Is our favorite “health” food helping or harming us? Specialized Energy Kinesiology is the key to solving these questions. Through the application of accurate muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism you can take the guess work out of choosing what foods are good for you by asking your body for the answer.

Kinesiological muscle testing enables us to individualize our nutrition by determining which foods will build our life energy and boost our function. As well as finding out those foods that have a negative effect on the body by stealing our energy.


Workshop Overview Come discover an unbeatable approach to determining for yourself your body’s nutritional needs. 

In this 4 hour introductory course you will learn –

  • How to accurately use kinesiology muscle testing to determine foods and supplements that raise your life energy and those that deplete it

  • Complete a basic screening for food sensitivities

Date – Saturday July 27th 2-6pm
Location – Awakening NY
For more information and registration details click here.



Flower Essence Workshop

New Perceptions in Life and Living


Flower essences can help you bypass your conscious mind to clear subconscious patterns quickly and easily. During this special weekend you will learn how to use New Zealand flower essence cards and Bach flower essences to rebalance your energy system.

These potent vibrational-healing tools act as inner catalysts to change limiting thought patterns, raise consciousness, and facilitate inner growth.

Date – April 27th & 28th 2013 (9-6pm) $330
For more information and registration details click here.
Location – Awakening New York


Workshops Available


Tibetan Energy and Vitality: Practical Ways of Improving Vitality and Energy Flow (1 day)

Tibetans are known for their effective and natural methods of healing. This workshop teaches a number of techniques originally developed in Tibet to aid healing and to improve energy and vitality. Low energy, fatigue, pain and loss of motivation are all signs that our body is not functioning at its best. You can learn practical and easy strategies to resolve these states and move through challenging situations. In this workshop we will focus on five Tibetan energy systems including – the healing power of sound, spiral energy flow, vitality exercises, Tibetan acupuncture activation and figure 8 energy flow.

New Perceptions in Life and Living: The Secret Power of Flower Essences for Assisting Choice and Change (2 days)

Flower essences are a powerful tool in vibrational medicine that use the living forces of nature to help us align our life energy toward healthy growth and development. We will learn how Bach Flower Essences and New Zealand Flower Essences can be used to help us cope with emotional upsets and release negative emotions.

We are becoming more aware that our thoughts create our reality, and this experiential workshop will enable you to go on a personal exploration to upgrade areas where you desire positive change – your work, your relationships, your family, or your self. We will apply the flower essence techniques in simple and practical ways to facilitate inner growth and awareness.

Come discover how you can tap into your own internal wisdom to change limiting beliefs, access your intuitive mind, raise your consciousness, and move towards a life of balance and love.

Stress Release Made Easy (1 day)

Are you finding it hard to stay balanced in a chaotic and stressed life? Whether you are a business executive, a parent, student, worker or other, this workshop teaches important tools so you can maintain equilibrium and move through your day with joy and ease.
This program will shed light on the effects stress has on your physiology and biochemistry, as well as share fun and effective ways to release stress. You will learn to apply mind-body strategies including emotional release trigger points, muscle testing, Chinese element meridian balancing with affirmations, and discover the role of breathing, exercise, nutrition and humor in stress management.
Come and experience how it feels to “inoculate” your self towards stress. Upgrade your resilience and enjoy your life more!

Nourishing your self – Kinesiology Self Care and Energizers (2 days)

This workshop will introduce you to powerful yet simple kinesiology self-care techniques to relieve stress, melt fatigue and boost energy. Over two days you will learn 13 techniques to care for your own health. It is a great addition to your individual kinesiology sessions as you will learn more about goal setting (a fundamental part of kinesiology) as well as techniques to help maintain the benefits of your sessions.
You will experience the effects of three different kinds of self-energizer trigger points (Neuro-Emotional, Neuro-Lymphatic, and Neuro-Vascular) and the powerful energizer technique of meridian tracing. These points help with relaxation, release toxic emotion, boost your stress tolerance, and increase energy.
You will use a form of whole body testing, which is a way you can self test at home. Imagine being able to test yourself to find various emotions that are at play with certain situations, which you can then release with the trigger points you will learn!
The techniques are easy and fun to learn and will provide you with a wonderful tool kit for yourself and your family to maintain optimal health.

Western Herbs for Eastern Philosophy (3 hours)

Come and discover how herbs can positively influence your physical, emotional and spiritual health. This practical course will introduce you to the basics of kinesiology muscle testing and how ‘herbs’ can be used to balance your meridians. Using the theory of the Chinese Five Elements, you will understand many western herbs and their associations with the meridians.
You will learn to optimize the kinesiology muscle test and explore the use of herbs as a meridian correction. A great introductory workshop that teaches a balancing technique you can use at home to help your self, your family and friends.

Ki Concepts for Vital Living Series

  • Introduction to Energy Kinesiology
    Come and learn the fundamentals of energy kinesiology to improve and empower your health and life. You will learn techniques to manage your own stress and improve your health through mind-body techniques that release emotional stress, integrate the brain, enhance focus and concentration, correct scrambling in the body and increase energy and alertness.
    These practical techniques help to improve Chi flow in the body, enable you to access your inner knowing through kinesiology self testing, reflex points to increase energy, and clear subconscious patterns and blockages.
    A great way to discover the many ways our body communicates and how you can improve its function with simple strategies that you will feel confident to use every day for optimum performance.

  • Basic Food and Supplement Testing (3 hours)
    Learn how to apply accurate kinesiology muscle testing to determine foods that raise your life energy and those that deplete it. You will learn how to determine food sensitivities and learn about foods that are good for you and those that are pro-immunity or anti-immunity. Keep your life energy high by avoiding foods that lower your life energy.
    Coming soon

  • Boost your Brain Power
    Coming soon

5-Element Fundamentals and Muscle Testing Basics for Mind/Body Therapists

Coming Soon

5-Element Fundamentals and Muscle Testing Basics for Manual Therapists

Coming soon

Custom Workshop

Are you looking for a specific workshop?
We are continually planning workshops and classes to meet the needs of different groups so we can share the wellness benefits of kinesiology. Custom designing a workshop is a great way for you to get the information you need. Professional groups enjoy this option so they can learn skills they can apply to their existing knowledge.

Would you like to host or sponsor a workshop?
Would you like to bring some kinesiology techniques to your work place, community or neighborhood? We’re looking for partners to host or sponsor a class so more people can learn these techniques. Hosting or sponsoring a class is a great way for you to support the teachings of kinesiology, earn some money and learn some effective and fun skills.

Contact us if you would like to explore the possibilities.

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